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ERO Emergency Response Officer

Are you looking for a professional course to qualify as a company emergency response officer (BHV)?

Our ERO course offers everything you need to become competent and skilled as the first link in the emergency assistance chain. In one day you will learn how to raise the alarm, the basic skills to help a casualty, resuscitate, extinguish a starting fire, and how to evacuate. You also learn how to treat casualties with respect. Our course guarantees that you master the necessary qualities and skills to function as a company emergency response officer, as laid down in the NedCert competence profile.

Register today for our emergency response officer course and be ready to act in emergency situations!

BHV cursus Paramaribo

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Frequently Asked Questions

The abbreviation BHV/ERO can mean 3 things:

  • Company emergency response officer
  • Citizen assistance provider
  • Basic assistance provider
BHV is mandatory for every employer and also for associations and event organizers. This obligation can be found in the  Arbeidsomstandighedenwet.

Yes, our BHV / ERO certificate is valid for 2 years!
This means that the Emergency Response Officer only has to attend an ERO day after 2 years.

Policy rules on working conditions legislation
These policy rules are expired. However, they are the last described most concrete guidance for the government. It roughly stated the following: every two years, at least 8 hours are spent per Emergency Response Officer on refresher courses and exercises.

How often the ERO must attend a course is NOT stated in the Working Conditions Act. Of course it is good to practice a few times every year, such as an evacuation drill, but that must be done at your company. You must, however, be able to demonstrate that you have competent ERO’s and that is possible with an official NedCert certificate.

The Emergency Response Officer provides assistance within companies and organisations.

According to Article 15 of the Working Conditions Act, a company with employees and / or visitors must have Emergency Response Officers. The emergency response officers must have followed training. If a company is still small, the owner may be the Emergency Response Officer himself.

It depends, among other things, on the size of the company and the risks that exist in a company, how many Emergency Response Officers there must be. Click here for the NedCert online calculation tool to calculate the approximate number of Emergency Response Officers.
BHV cursus Paramaribo
BHV cursus Paramaribo

Contents of the ERO course day

Experience a special day and step into another world, which can become reality on your own work floor.

BHV / ERO renew

This training day also is suitable as a refresher or when someone has done a BHV course before at another organisation.

Learn from the pros

Classes are taught by one of our NedCert certified instructors, who provides compact no-nonsense courses with many practical exercises in a modern way. By applying a balanced mix of learning styles, the course components are fun, educational and engaging from start to finish, both online and during the course day. We keep the groups small so that you receive a lot of personal attention.

NedCert Instructeurs
BHV cursus Paramaribo

The ERO certificate is valid for 2 years

The examination is conducted by NedCert Certification according to ISO 17024. If someone succeeds, he receives a certificate Emergency Response Officer (BHV). The certificate is valid for 2 years.

Course fee

The price of the ERO course includes the textbook and the use of emergency response training materials, bandages, AED’s, extinguishers.

Use the training funds in your industry. They often contribute to training costs.